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– Kelly & Cooper

"Today you groomed my mini Australian labradoodle, Cooper. I was a little anxious, as so many groomers make doodles look like poodles. Well, when Cooper came home I could not believe my eyes! Not only was he clean and smelling wonderful, but he looks simply amazing. The extra care you took in scissoring him shows how much you care about both your human and animal clients. The teddy bear cut is done to perfection and he feels like velvet. I know the chore it is to take the extra time to do it like that and I truly appreciate your efforts.

I can't thank you enough for doing such an outstanding job. He obviously had a great time and was not stressed at all. I've tried many groomers for my other dogs and can honestly say I have never had a dog come home groomed to perfection, with a treat, a personalized bandanna and showing no signs of a stressful day. Thank you so much & I wish you a wonderful weekend."


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